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WRECK FISHING SPECIALIST There are more than 100 wrecks and a number of great reefs within forty miles of the Plymouth FISHING TRIPS IN COMFORT Size Matters is one of the biggest charter boats in the country and the only one of its kind operating in UK waters. TACKLE AND ADVICE FREELY GIVEN A full range of fishing equipment is available on Size Matters and may be used at no extra cost. Bait is also available to purchase. Kev is always on hand to offer the latest advice and tactics... And brews


07999 628 511 -



07999 628 511 -


Size Matters Charter Fishing has established some amazing records and continues to push the envelope for UK charter boat fishing!


Size Matters is based in the world famous port of Liverpool situated in the middle of the west coast of England.

This the perfect location to offer not just our normal 10, 12 and 23 hour charters but also our multiple day charters to Ireland, Isle of Man, Scotland, West Wales and Cornwall.

Size Matters is one of the biggest charter boats in the country and the only one of its kind operating in UK waters.

We are very proud to be sponsored by Shimano regarded as the world’s best fishing tackle manufacturer.

We cater for all levels of experience, from the beginner to the seasoned veteran.

Size Matters can hold a maximum of 12 people plus 2 crew members, on our multiple day live aboard charters we take a maximum of 4 anglers plus 2 crew members.

We welcome individuals, small groups, and full charters.

A full range of fishing equipment is available on Size Matters and may be used at no extra cost, though you can bring your own.

However, if equipment is lost or broken, we expect to be reimbursed the cost to replace it.

Upon booking the charter, if there is a certain species of fish you would like to target, and you require rigs made and/or bait ordered, let Kev know and he will arrange this.

Alternatively, you can bring your own tackle & bait and Kev will assist with rig making if necessary,

Tackle & Bait

Size Matters has a full ranger of Shimano rods and reels, all loaded with braid.

We also carry a wide selection of high quality lures, hooks, leaders, weights, and end tackle.

Baits available:

  • Peeler Crab
  • Black Lug
  • Mackarel
  • Squid

  • The Skipper - Kevin McKie

    Kevin is a mad keen angler as well as a fully qualified charter skipper and has been fishing for over 30 years.

    He has built up a vast knowledge of all types of fishing not just in the UK but from all over the world at an international level.

    He knows a thing or two about hooking and landing big fish, he has caught hundreds of Sharks to 1700lb, Blue Fin Tuna to 800lb, Sting Ray to 300lb, Halibut to 290lb, Marlin to 265lb, White Sturgeon to 260lb, Yellow Fin Tuna to 200lb, Common Skate to 195lb, Catfish to 165lb, Grouper to 150lb, Tarpon to 145lb, Dogtooth Tuna to 100lb plus many more!

    Kevin is also a fishing guide for some of the UK’s leading holiday companies and guides fishing holidays all over the world.

    Kevin started off his boat fishing days back in 1993, he then owed his first boat in 1998 before he could even drive a car.

    Since then Kevin has moved on to owning and running his own successful charter boat Brigand from Liverpool.

    In 2016 Kevin bought the mighty Size Matters from Plymouth a boat he has fish on since 2001 when it was built.

    He then took Size Matters to the cutting edge of UK charter fishing catching some truly amazing fish.

    He helped his anglers catch
    Blue Fin Tuna to 520lb
    Six Gill Sharks to 512lb (unofficial British record),
    Porbeagle Shark to 300lb,
    Common Skate to 232lb,
    White Skate to 160lb (unofficial British record),
    Thrasher Shark to 150lb,
    Blue Shark to 130lb,
    Blue Skate to 45lb (unofficial British record),
    Albacore Tuna to 30lb, (first UK charter boat to catch Albacore Tuna).
    Leaf Scale Gulper Shark 30lb. (Unofficial Ireland record and even possible world record, never been caught before on rod and line in Ireland or UK waters!!).

    Some of the most memorable charters we have had include, the first ever targeted Six Gill Shark and Blue Skate trip, not only did we catch 6 Six Gill Sharks and 2 Blue Skate but we smashed the UK record for both species!!

    The next trip we done for Six Gill Sharks we landed 12 to over 500lb, this was an incredible achievement to say the least.

    Our first ever targeted Thresher Shark trip where we landed 3 Thresher Sharks to 150lb, pulled the hook on 2 and missed one!!

    The first year we went to Scotland we smashed the UK record White Skate with a fish of 160lb the first one ever to be caught on rod and line in Scottish waters and Common Skate to 220lb!!

    Then on our second trip to Scotland we landed 37 Common Skate in one day to 198lb this had never been done before, we also caught Common Skate to 232lb and the first ever Blue Skate caught in Scottish waters on rod and line all 22lb of it.

    We also done the first ever trip from the UK to the continental shelf off the south west coast of Ireland, where we caught the first ever Leaf Scale Gulper Shark to 30lb on rod and line in Ireland or even the UK not only was it a record but it could possibly of been a world record because so little is known about the species.

    We caught the first Blue Fin Tuna ever recorded on rod and Line from Devon while shark fishing in July 2017 it measured 79 inches 300lb and was quickly released.

    We also caught Albacore Tuna to 30lb this was the first time a UK charter boat has done this!

    Size Matters is the only UK boat to catch the following :-
    7 species in UK waters over 100lb,
    3 unofficial British records because we didn’t want to kill the fish to claim the records,
    3 species of Tuna in the British isles including the first
    Blue Fin Tuna caught on rod and line from Devon in July 2017, first Albacore Tuna caught by a UK charter boat in the British isles and Atlantic Bonito.
    Catch the first ever Leaf Scale Gulper Shark on rod and line in the British isles a potential world record!!

    Watch this space because SIZE really does MATTER!!

    Check Out Some of the Best Catches on-board SIZE MATTERS

    Wreck Fishing

    Size Matters is a specialist wreck fishing vessel built to get you there fast and comfy

    General Fishing

    Shark fishing, reef fishing, bass fishing, multiple day charters you name it!

    Extended Trips

    Multiple day charters to Guernsey for Bass, Brill and Turbot. Really good fishing, really good fun

    Expert Advice

    Kev is always ready to dish out the best tips for bait, tackle and tactics

    Tackle Hire

    Top quality SHIMANO fishing tackle available

    Fishing in Norway

    Surely every anglers dream destination!? Join Kev for a special adventure SportQuest

    No Worries

    Licenced & insured for 60 miles from safe haven. Cruise 14-16 knots. Top speed 20 knots

    Latest Fishing News & Reports

    8 months ago

    The big Welsh girls have started to arrive in Cardigan bay and we have been catching some big female Tope.

    Our biggest Tope was caught by Alan Bates from Manchester, the Tope was heavily pregnant ... See more

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      Size Matters, Liverpool

      Size Matters is based in the world famous Liverpool marina, with access to brilliant wrecking in both summer and winter as well as the famous Mersey cod season from October.

      Happy Fishermen & Fisherwomen

      Tom Burke July 12, 2016

      I went out with Kev from Liverpool and we fished the Mersey. Even though conditions weren’t great Kev made sure we were on fish all the time, moving about if needed and keeping us informed on the best tactics. We had brews and and a curry that I would have been happy ordering from a take away too! Not only was he such a attentive and funny skipper I ended up with the biggest fish of the day so I was well happy.

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