5 Day Charter to Guernsey

Just returned from a 5 day charter to Guernsey, on the way over we stopped on a few wreck’s with just the odd pollack or ling being caught. Then we tried a wreck we had not fished for a while and we hit the jack pot drift after drift the lad’s where into cod from 10lb to 16lb, after just two hours fishing we had 36 cod to 16lb, 23 pollack to 12lb, and 8 ling to 23lb. The fishing was that good even I had to have ago and I don’t often do that, it’s good to see there are more cod showing now. While we where in Guernsey the plan was to fish the bank’s for 3 days then hit the wreck’s on the way home.

After spending 2 day’s on the bank’s with only a few brill and turbot to show for our effort’s, we decided to have another day on the wreck’s again. We tried a small wreck close to Guernsey first and it was loaded with pollack to 15lb, ling to 20lb and cod to 8lb. We didn’t have to move all day, it’s good when that happen’s. On the way home the lad’s where eager to hit the wreck where we caught all the cod and it didn’t disappoint. There was only four lad’s fishing as the rest of the lad’s where to tired to fish. We still boated 40+ cod to 14lb, ling to 15lb and pollack to 12lb. We only managed a few hour’s fishing on the way home, before the weather started to turn and it was time to steam home.

I have two more 5 day charter’s to Guernsey later this year that are both fully booked.

If you would like to join us on a Guernsey trip next year just give me a call, we will be doing 2 to 5 day Guernsey charter’s next year.

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